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Below is a form that upon submitting, will automatically send me an email. If you have more specific concern like a bug report or if you need help with Baby Movies or the Dance Club then first check out the FAQ and Help Sections and if your question is still unanswered, then scroll down and submit your concern in the appropriate section! Thanks :)

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Baby Movies Help
Here you can ask me anything pretaining to the baby movies section such as a movie not working with your computer etc.
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If you want to talk to me online, instant message me on AIM at screen name: NimitMaru!
Dance Club HelpHere you can tell me about errors in the Dance Club. This includes errors such as the sound not playing etc.
Miscellaneous HelpHere you can ask me questions you may have about any other section, or topic on DBDC. Any general questions you may have are also okay here.
Send Me CommentsHave any comments or suggestions? This is your chance to tell me! You can even add a couple compliments if you want. And if you really feel strongly about something you can even squeeze that in if you wish!
Report BugsHere you can tell me about any errors or imperfections of my site. This includes dead links, corrupted downloads, images won't show, javascript errors, programming errors, screen errors, a download not compatible w/ your system and anything else. I will try my best to help you out :)
If your browser is not capable of handling forms, email me at nimit@dbaby.com. Thanks!

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